Making A Cool Animated Slideshow for Youtube

At this moment there are many way to share your animated slideshow. One of them is via YouTube. You can show your animated slideshow to a broader audience, not just your friends and families. Here we will show you how to publish your animated slideshow into YouTube.

Here is the result:

Software:InAlbum 4.0
Time:Less than 15 minutes


1. Run InAlbum.

2. InAlbum will show you a startup menu, choose SHOW button, then click "Create Project" button.

Fill in the "Show name". For this tutorial, we use a Theme template from InAlbum. Click on "OK" button to continue.

3. Click on "Add photo" button and select photos from your computer.

4. To choose the template, Go to tab 3 "change Template", then choose Carousel and Circles Template.

5. To add the other object, Click on tab 4 "decorate Show". In this case, we use the default.

6. Go to tab 5 "music & Settings" to fill in the show title, directed & starring. You can change the music too. In this case, we use Original template music. Click on "Finish Editing" button to play this slideshow.

7. To publish your animted slideshow, click on "Publish to Partable Devices" button.

At the dropdown type, choose "MPEG4 YouTube Compatible".

And you can save the output into folder that you want. Then Click on "Next" button.

InAlbum will process it and there is a window message "The Video has been created successfully" if it is done.

9. Now, your animated slideshow is done. You can upload it into your YouTube account.

Here is the result: